We should not be memorializing Belcher

Belcher died a murder. He decided to take his own life, but his victim didn't have that choice. Neither did his mother have the choice to lose her son or his child to grow up an orphan. Belchers selfish actions yesterday morning destroyed his entire family. So while we sympathize for Belcher because he was a player on our favorite team, he obviously was not the man we imagined he was. Murder is not something that is just "an accident" that he deserves our sympathy for. Even in a heated argument, it takes time to remember where your gun is, go get it, point it and pull the trigger multiple times. Time that common sense should take over and prevent it from happening. During the time Belcher was doing this, he committed himself to destroying not only his victim, not only his own life, but the lives of his entire family, including his infant child that was just in the other room. I understand that we may feel confused that this person we are used to rooting for is gone. But whatever we thought he was, he IS a murder. BELCHER IS NOT THE VICTIM. Everyone that knew him is. That should wipe out whatever good feelings we have about him just because he was a player on our favorite team. Yes this is a tragedy for the Chiefs and all their fans. Yes we feel the loss of someone we cared about, even if in the most superficial way possible as a dot on the football field. But we should not be memorializing and deifying him just because he was a Chief. If that makes up for what he did, we have some personal soul searching to do.

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