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How should the Chiefs recognize the Jovan Belcher tragedy at Sunday's game?

The team faces another difficult decision.


One of the first issues the Kansas City Chiefs will face is how to properly and appropriately acknowledge the Jovan Belcher tragedy at Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

My natural inclination has been to memorialize Belcher. But given what he did 30 minutes before his death, and the life he ended, it's not appropriate to memorialize him.

But you still want to recognize the victims in some way at Arrowhead.

NFL Network reports the Chiefs will not wear a decal on their helmets or a patch on their jerseys. There could be a moment of silence, although that's not completely decided yet.

A moment of silence may be the best route. The Chiefs can request that everyone take a moment of silence for the victimes and those affected, because that's really who need to be recognized.

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