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For KC Chiefs, this is not an easy day

Figuring out how we can get through a difficult day.

Doug Pensinger

This isn't going to be easy. Not after yesterday, not after Jovan Belcher's death, and not after Kasandra Perkins' death, too. I'm starting to wrap my head around this a little more than I was yesterday. I still have a gazillion questions leading with: Why?

But I can't use up my energy to keep asking that. We'll have that question for a long time.

I'm so far removed from the situation yet this is how affected I am. I can't imagine how the families feel, and I hope it's something I never do have to feel. My thoughts go out to them.

Today, though, we can focus on the reaction from the Chiefs community at Arrowhead. We can see the response from the fans. We can finally hear the reaction from the team, including Romeo Crennel.

As I said before, when you're a fan, you're connected to the team. The most tragic event imaginable has hit the organization and we don't know how the players feel. We don't know how Romeo Crennel is handling it. We don't know if GM Scott Pioli is doing OK. These are guys we spend a lot of our time following during the season.

That's what today will be about: coming together in our time of need, reminding the world that Chiefs fans stick together in times like this. As a Chiefs fan my natural inclination is to make sure they know we're in this together. Coach, player, fan ... it doesn't matter in a time like this. The wall comes down. This is about something real, like life.

The Panthers will play the Chiefs today and right now that event seems incredibly important to me. Not the game itself, but the gathering of Chiefs fans. I'd rather be around other Chiefs fans in a situation like this than not.

So it's going to be an emotional day. Some of you will welcome the distraction. Others will have trouble getting through this day. We won't feel the pain the Belcher and the Perkins' family does, nor Zoey's when she can understand this.

It's Game Time.

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