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The next Matt Cassel could be in New England

Could be maybe.


I believe we may have found the next Matt Cassel and his name is Ryan Mallett.

Let's start from the top.

There are reports (or rumors, really) out of Cleveland that the Cleveland Browns could end up dumping their current leadership and bringing in Mike Lombardi in a personnel role and Josh McDaniels as head coach. f

And if they do that, their quarterback will be...

One more log to throw on the fire: those two initial sources said that if Lombardi and McDaniels indeed team up in Cleveland, the chances are good that they will attempt to trade for Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett and install him as the franchise quarterback. Brandon Weeden would be out, or in a backup role.

That's pretty similar to how things went down with Cassel. The Chiefs brought Pioli in and one of the first things he did after that was trade for Tom Brady's backup.

Gotta admit: I'm gonna be a little upset if that does happen and Mallett does work out.

Check out Pats Pulpit to see what Patriots fans are saying about this possibility.

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