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2013 rookie QBs have impossible shoes to fill

It can't be understated how ridiculously well Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russel Wilson are playing, and how that adds even more pressure to future rookie quarterbacks.


If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan and you've spent any time searching around the interwebz for information on the quarterbacks coming out in the 2013 NFL Draft you probably haven't been too excited about what you've read. The idea that there isn't a consensus No. 1 pick or even top QB as we sit here in December has some fans flustered.

There are guys like some of us like and some of us don't, and I'm sure someone will emerge as the top guy as we get closer to the draft.

But there is some reason to be flustered because as technology expands and our world gets smaller, the memory span doesn't reach quite as far back seems like with so much being thrown at us all day, everyday. Everyone only remembers last year's battle between Andrew Luck and RGIII for the top spot because it's the most recent example.

It could go down in history as one of the best quarterback classes ever and while Luck seemed to always be considered 'the best QB prospect in a decade', RGIII showed enough for Washington to give up quite a bit to get him.

Then there's that Russel Wilson guy, he's completed 62.9 percent of his passes with 21 TDs and just nine interceptions so far this season. He's got a very solid Seattle Seahawks team to 9-5 after winning their last three games. He's currently eighth in the NFL in efficiency (95.5).

There's the likely Aaron Rodgers leading the NFL in efficiency but you know who's 2nd? RG3 (104.2). He's completed a ridiculous 66.4% of his passes with 18 TD's and just 4 interceptions. That's MVP territory in my opinion. He's been apart of 4 of the last 5 wins in a row for the Washington Redskins, who sit atop the NFC East right now at 8-6. As if the completion percentage wasn't impressive enough, he's leading the NFL in YPA at 8.27. Wow.

You're probably asking yourself "What, no talk about Luck?". It's easy to look at box scores and stats and say he's had just an OK rookie year, and based on stats that's putting it nicely. He's completed just 54.6 percent of his passes, thrown 20 TD's to 18 interceptions (which ties him for NFL lead with Drew Brees for INT's). He's 31st in passer efficiency just ahead of Brandon Weeden, Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel (yay) and John Skelton.

That's not the whole story with Luck because he was taken by the team that was defined as the worst team in the NFL and saddled with the No. 1 pick. The Indianapolis Colts finished 2-14 in 2011 and were knee deep in Peyton Manning drama. Less than a year later they're 9-5 and headed to Kansas City hoping to secure a playoff spot with a victory.

Of the nine wins the Colts have this season, six of those have been from 4th quarter comebacks engineered by their rookie signal caller. That's enough to overcome some of those poor overall stats because it's about winning, nothing else. That's an NFL record by a rookie by the way. Another record he recently broke was Peyton Manning's rookie passing record by a Colts QB.

Fun fact for Chiefs fans is that Luck needs just 74 yards to break Cam Newton's rookie passing yards record of 4.051. We get to see a rookie QB break an all-time record at Arrowhead! Yay.

This doesn't mean the Chiefs aren't going to get an upgrade at the quarterback position in the upcoming draft. After this season's display it'd be almost impossible not to be an upgrade. But if the Chiefs land the top overall pick and a quarterback begins to separate himself as the consensus top guy as we approach the draft, I don't envy the shoes he's going to try and fill after watching the rookies this season. There are three guys who you could make a case for as MVP.

Just for note. The first three quarterbacks off the board in 2010 were Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Jimmy Clausen. In 2009, Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman and Pat White.

Do you think this years' QB class will change expectations for all rookie QB's in the future?

It's Game Time.

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