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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Was this the worst game of the season for KC?

Being shut out by the Raiders was bad enough but this game was even worse than final score indicated for Kansas City.

Jason O. Watson

In reviewing the dumpster fire that has been the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 season, you have to strongly consider Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders as the worst game of the season.

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It was the first shutout of the season. The Chiefs were even able to score field goals against the Ravens and a touchdown against the Steelers, two of the NFL's best defenses.

Is this worse than the four-touchdown loss to the Bucs? BJ Kissel is wondering that in the latest AP video:

Coming into this week, the Raiders gave up more points than any defense in the NFL making them ... wait for it ... the worst defense in the NFL. Their 20 points given up to Cleveland two weeks ago was their best defensive performance since October. This same defense shut the Chiefs out.

After Jamaal Charles' 5-carry, 4-yard performance last time the Chiefs faced Oakland, Charles responded with a 9-carry, 10-yard performance. 1.1 yards per carry is actually an improvement.

With Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston out, Jon Baldwin had 0 catches for 0 yards. He was a complete non-factor the entire game.

The Chiefs defense let the Raiders hit 200 yards rushing. Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson had 199 of those.

The Raiders didn't score a touchdown and still blew the Chiefs out. Five field goals and the Raiders win by 15 points. Dang, Chiefs.

Is this the worst game of the season? If it's not, which game is?

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