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What were Brady Quinn and Ryan Lilja arguing about?

Brady Quinn and Ryan Lilja were arguing about something.

The KC Chiefs had a delay of game on a fourth down in Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. Brady Quinn was trying to snap the ball but Ryan Lilja didn't hear him or something. So the Chiefs got the penalty.

As they came back to the sidelines, Quinn and Lilja were shown talking animatedly.

But what were they arguing about? We have five ideas.

1. Quinn thinks Modern Family is the best show on TV. Lilja likes re-runs of Roseanne. They argue about this often.

2. Quinn HATES when they go to Arthur Bryant's after games. He's an Oklahoma Joe's guy. Lilja told him the team voted on Arthur Bryant's.

3. Lilja farted on the last snap.

4. Lilja discovered that Quinn stole his bag of Runts, leaving only the bananas.

5. Quinn thinks Romeo is going to be back next year. Lilja informed him of the bad news -- the Chiefs are 2-12.

Update: Reader Jeff has a point here.

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