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Brady Quinn hits Devon Wylie right in the helmet

That sounds about right.


I present to you, the CHIEFS PLAY OF THE YEAR:


Let's review this.

Brady Quinn, who is replacing the guy with a six-year, $60+ million contract (Matt Cassel), throws it to Devon Wylie, who is replacing the guy with a five-year, $20+ million contract (Steve Breaston).

Wylie, the rookie draft pick who is on the field at the same time as Dexter McCluster for some odd reason -- oh yeah, because Breaston's not playing -- slips on the soggy Oakland field and drops his head. Unfortunately, this comes right at the time Quinn was throwing him the ball.

An easy first down conversion is ruined by the Chiefs being the Chiefs. The Chiefs, getting in their own way every day since 2012!

That's why I call this the CHIEFS PLAY OF THE YEAR.

Can you name another play this season that is more Chiefs than this one?

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