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Raiders could give Terrelle Pryor playing time; Chiefs unlikely to do same with Ricky Stanzi

Pryor time in Oakland. At least for a few plays.

Otto Greule Jr

Ah, the difference between the KC Chiefs and Oakland Raiders has always been obvious. Good vs. bad, the good guys vs. the dark side, tomahawks vs. spikes. Usually I'm on the Chiefs side but when it comes to the philosophy of playing younger players, I think I'm on the Raiders side.

At 3-10, Oakland knows the playoffs aren't happening this year. So they've moved part of their focus to see what they have in their younger players, like Terrelle Pryor, for example. The Raiders are hoping to get him into a game, possibly this weekend against the Chiefs.

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Head coach Dennis Allen last week: "Obviously, we want to see some of these younger guys play."

And the Raiders GM two weeks ago: "That's the only way I can evaluate [Pryor] is to play him. Now, when he plays, how much he plays, that will be a charge to the coaching staff but, yes. ... This is a good time to try to figure out what works best for him."

They ARE planning on playing Pryor at some point this season. At least some. And why not? The season is lost and it's important for the future that you evaluate your young players. Everyone sees the logic in that, right?

Compare that to the Chiefs. Asked about Ricky Stanzi playing this year, Romeo Crennel said: "I don't know that we'll just throw him out there to see what we have."

Because, yeah, why would you want to see what you have?

"Going young" would've been the best and most logical way for the Chiefs to explain why Breaston wasn't playing, too. Yet they keep that a mystery for some reason.

It's a strange world we live in when the Raiders are acting with reason and logic.

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