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The Chiefs next QB: NFL Draft, free agency, trade or someone on the roster?

Where will he come from?


Our (new) weekly debate question from Gillette: Which QB is leading the pack this season, and why?

It sure would be neat if the Chiefs had a quarterback that could be in the discussion for leading the pack this season but, alas, that's not the case. And, well, it hasn't been for like 40 years, so...

To make this a little more Chiefs-centric, vote in the poll below and let us know where the Chiefs 2013 Week 1 starter will come from. We'll have like a dozen of these polls before the draft is actually here.

The NFL Draft

The most likely result? We all think the Chiefs should draft a quarterback with their top pick. But will they? The knock on this year's draft is that there isn't a worthy quarterback selecting that high. My take is that you can never reach on a quarterback. If you're confident that the guy you tab is the right one for the job, make the pick.

Free agency

As far as who is starting game No. 1 for the Chiefs next season, I think this might be the choice. The quarterbacks on the roster should either be gone or competition should be brought in. And based on what we've seen from Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel this season, that new competition should beat them out. Alex Smith?


Teams aren't usually looking to trade their quarterbacks if they're any good. Maybe a stopgap year this makes sense, but for the longterm I don't think a trade is the way to go.

Someone on the roster

Oh gosh. I hope not. Brady Quinn, I suppose, could be a possibility ... at least to start the season. It's unlikely the Chiefs will go into next year with a stable full of rookies. There will be a veteran on the roster some place. Will it be Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn?

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