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Steve Breaston's playing time, snap-by-snap, for the KC Chiefs

Narrowing down when Breaston stopped being a part of the Chiefs offense.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This Steve Breaston thing is becoming ... well, a thing. I've been listening to sports talk radio and reading other takes on what's going on with Breaston and the KC Chiefs and I wanted to clear one thing up.

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I'm down with conspiracy theories and love hearing them but only if they're believable. Many people are connecting Breaston as a "Todd Haley guy" to the fact that he's not playing. I can see where that theory comes from. Not saying I believe it but I can see where why people would think that.

So I heard a certain double initial radio host wonder if Breaston's lack of playing time could've come because he was talking to Todd Haley while the Chiefs were in Pittsburgh playing the Steelers. I wouldn't put any pettiness past the Chiefs but that doesn't sound right, mostly because that doesn't fit into the timeline.

Breaston saw his snaps reduced dramatically before the Chiefs went to Pittsburgh. He also replaced Jon Baldwin the week after Pittsburgh, almost notching a season-high in snaps. So that theory doesn't make sense. Breaston's lack of playing time has been an issue since early October. There is not, as far as I can tell, any pattern that helps explain all this.

Can anyone else figure it out?

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Here are Breaston's snaps in each week this year, along with what percentage of the overall snaps that was:

Week 1: 52 (75 percent)

Week 2: 40 (55 percent)

Week 3: 47 (50 percent)

Week 4: 15 (21 percent)

Week 5: 6 (8 percent)

Week 6: 4 (6 percent)

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: 23 (37 percent)

Week 9: 15 (24 percent)

Week 10: 0

Week 11: 45 (74 percent)

Week 12: 0

Week 13: 0

Week 14: 0

Week 15: Eh, probably 0

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