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Chiefs' Steve Breaston: 'You can't fight city hall'

Steve Breaston says, "You can't fight city hall," when asked about his lack of playing time.

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We've been spending the last couple of months trying to figure out why Steve Breaston isn't playing in the Kansas City Chiefs offense. He went from 785 receiving yards last year to barely scraping a few plays earlier in the season to the most recent trend which is deactivating him on game day.

Romeo Crennel had a quote this morning that's getting some attention. He was asked what Breaston has to show to get on the field this week and Crennel said he needs to show an understanding of the game plan. Most are taking that as an implication that Breaston doesn't know the game plan well enough right now.

Reporters asked Breaston about that today and there's some audio of part of that exchange, via photojournalist @heycameraman.

A few quotes below...

Asked about Crennel's comments from earlier in the day and whether that's been expressed to him, Breaston said:

"I don't think it's been expressed to me. I understand the offense. They may feel a different way then so be it. You can't fight city hall. I go out there and work. Maybe better understand the offense is not going out there and being a decoy and things like that. Maybe me wanting the ball and things like that, I get upset about that, but I understand this offense. Maybe I'll find out in the meetings what that really means."

Uh-oh. This don't sound good. (Or doesn't.)

Asked if that's something he might take up with the coach, Breaston said:

"I don't know. Like I said, he told ya'll that this morning so maybe I'll find out in the meeting. That's pretty difficult [inaudible]. I feel like I understand the offense and I feel I work hard. The way it's been going this year I'm not surprised though. It's disappointing."

This is the type of stuff that happens with teams that are starting to fracture.

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