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Chiefs fans are split on Dwayne Bowe's future

It's almost 50-50.


I was wondering what most people thought about Dwayne Bowe and his future with the Kansas City Chiefs so we ran a poll on the site earlier this week and whaddya know we're just about split.

I asked: Will Dwayne Bowe be on the Chiefs in the 2013 season?

48 percent of voters said Bowe WILL be on the Chiefs next season.

51 percent of voters said Bowe WILL NOT be on the Chiefs next season.

This just underscores a point I wanted to make -- no one really knows what's going to happen. Is there anyone who has a sense of whether GM Scott Pioli wants to franchise tag Bowe again? Not that I know of.

Then there's the other miiiinor issue: Who the heck is going to be running the team next year? We can't say that'll be Pioli and Romeo Crennel next season for sure. So making predictions on personnel moves because significantly harder when you add that in there.

610 Sports' Carrington Harrison said yesterday that this team can not make the playoffs next year without Dwayne Bowe. Looking at the receivers that would be left if Bowe left, Carrington makes a good point.

The Chiefs can franchise tag Bowe again to keep him. They paid him over $9 million last season. Franchising him again would be roughly $11 million.

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