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The Kansas City Chiefs ... 'sleeping giant'?

How do the KC Chief stack up to other potential job openings?

Jason Miller

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora went on Xtra Sports 910 AM in Phoenix talking about some of the GM and head coaching jobs that could be available. Interesting stuff.

A quick transcript of the notable parts...

"A lot of them could be attractive," La Canfora said.

"Carolina with Cam Newton, I think there will be a lot of interest there. Mike McCoy, the OC of the Denver Broncos, I believe they'll be coming after him pretty hard for that job.

"If you're a Philip Rivers fan and don't think much of the AFC West, you gotta like that opportunity in San Diego.

"Even Kansas City could be a sleeping giant as well if they decide to make major sweeping changes.

"I do think Jacksonville is going to make a change. I don't know how attractive that will be. But I do think Gene Smith, the GM, will be out and whoever will come in will likely want to make a coaching change as well.

"We'll se about Cleveland, they have a heck of a defense and have won three in a row. While I do think their GM, Tom Heckert, will be gone, if Pat Shurmur keeps winning games, it could be a Mangini situation from a few years back where Holmgren came in, the team finished strong and he gave Mangini another year."

Those are the jobs that could be open, the ones that are on our radar. Every year, though, there's a big surprise. Some team we're not thinking of right now will be firing their GM and/or head coach. It happens every year.

How does KC stack up to those teams in terms of the opportunity for a GM or head coach?

(H/T @saveourChiefs)

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