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With Dwayne Bowe's injury, Chiefs lose their best blocking receiver, too

Oh, he's also pretty good at catching the ball.

Peter Aiken

Dwayne Bowe season is reportedly over as the Chiefs will soon place him on injured reserve, according to a report. This means we'll start talking about his future, whether he'll be a Chief next season.

Chiefs tackle Eric Winston was asked about Bowe earlier on Monday, and he mentioned that Bowe's injury came while doing something he's pretty good at and something that not a lot of receivers like to do: blocking.

"Dwayne's a fighter," Winston said. "That's one thing, I've gotten to know him this year, and I've been really impressed with him. He's a guy that comes to play every week and he's had his ups and downs just like all of us have, but you know one thing: he's bringing his hard hat and his lunch pail and he's going to go to work and I respect the heck out of him.

"He got hurt throwing a block. That's the kind of guy he is. It's the way it goes."

Bowe has plenty of faults but it's hard to focus on that when he's been one of the 3-5 best players on the team over such a long period of time. The numbers say he'll go down as one of the greatest Chiefs receivers of all-time, even if this is his last season.

The Chiefs sucked with Bowe this season and they sucked without him last Sunday, so maybe that won't change. But Bowe is not one of the reasons the Chiefs are a 2-11 team.

Among the candidates to lead the Chiefs in receiving down the stretch is Terrance Copper, a special teamer, and Jamar Newsome, who was on the practice squad last month.

Remember when the Chiefs were set at receiver for years to come? That was neat.

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