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With or without Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs offense is bad

They're just bad all around.

Jason Miller

Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns started out promising for the Kansas City Chiefs. On the game's first play, Jamaal Charles went 80 yards for six. On the Chiefs second drive, Brady Quinn found Dwayne Bowe for a 23-yard pass and then later a 47-yard pass, putting the Chiefs in the red zone.

Then Bowe went down with an injury and everything fell apart.

This had led some people, like longtime AP user craig in calgary, to write this:

There Bowe haters. You got a glimpse of our passing game with and without him. Enjoy the Newsome/Baldwin show?

Quinn had 70 passing yards on the 1 drive he threw to Bowe. He had 80 on the other 12 drives. I'm sure it's just a coincidence though.

For one drive, Quinn excelled with Bowe on the field. But, as craig in calgary recognized in that string of comments, that's an awfully small sample size. A larger sample size, the last nine games, shows the Chiefs haven't passed 200 net passing yards since September. An even bigger sample size, this entire season, shows the Chiefs are awful on offense whether they have Bowe or not. They were the second to last ranked offense in the NFL coming into this week.

So, Bowe or not, the Chiefs offense sucks. It definitely looks better with Bowe in there, but the results are the same -- the Chiefs still don't score enough points.

This isn't a post about whether Bowe should be in Kansas City next year. I agree with craig in calgary on that one -- yes, he absolutely should. It's just to point out that, while the Chiefs have a lot of individual talent, as a team they are still really bad.

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