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Shaun Smith had a Twitter meltdown last night

Shaun Smith said the "brownies suck" and that the Chiefs would win by 10. They ended up losing by 23.


So Shaun Smith had a little meltdown on Sunday.

No, not on the field but with this choke hold you could probably make a case for that.

Smith called 610 Sports' Danny Parkins' some names last night and blew up at a few fans tweeting at him on Sunday. We'll start with the whole story, from the beginning.

Before Sunday's game, Smith tweeted that the Chiefs are going to win by 10 and that the "brownies suck".

So after the game -- you know, the one where the Chiefs lost by three touchdowns -- Parkins retweeted Smith's earlier claims, and then added:

Seems fairly innocent, right? Fans were tweeting at Smith, giving him a hard time because of what he wrote earlier about winning by 10. Rightfully so, too. You talk trash and don't back it up, you look like a fool. Standard stuff.

But Smith took that last tweet oddly personal. He responded via Twitter: "no pussy i have faith n my teammates that's why i said it so u r blocked chump u don't want to c me in the streets so be easy"

Wait, what? The streets?

Smith then tweeted: "Am not on Here to make friends so if u don't like what the f i say don't follow me n i mean that my houses 6 cards are paid for i love the game of football so either say something positive to me or kick rocks thanks u shaun smith"

Here's some of the before and after on Smith's timeline, some of which has been deleted by now:



Later on Sunday night, Smith apologized. He wrote: "I want to apologize for the words and language I have used in my tweets today my emotions got the best of me and that is unacceptable"

Soo, kinda excited to hear about Danny Parkins' trip to the locker room today.

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