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Tragic scene at Arrowhead after Jovan Belcher's death

An "unthinkable tragedy", Clark Hunt says.


I was in Town Center about to walk into Crate and Barrel when I heard. Chris called me and said, "There's something crazy going on, man." I gathered a little more information and began reading what I never, ever thought I would read: Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend before driving to Arrowhead and killing himself.

I drove to Arrowhead to see the scene for myself. It was a surreal drive. I didn't play anything on the radio, just kinda driving in silence. It still hasn't fully sunk in, to be honest.

Upon pulling in, I saw a row of reporters lined up along the fence across the street from the practice facility.


The practice facility is to the right of the photo above.

A security guard stood in front of the entrance to the practice facility. Media cars and trucks lined the area where Chiefs fans usually enter Arrowhead on game day. A couple of staffers were spotted leaving the practice facility and getting into their cars. At least one fan was spotted among the contingent of media. Several news stations went live in front of us.


The practice facility is several hundred yards away from the actual stadium. It's where some offices are located and it's where much of the non-game day business takes place.


The parking lot in the practice facility is where the incident took place. The cars closest to us are mostly team staffers and other employees. The lot farthest away in that picture is where the players and coaches park. Security wasn't letting anyone into that parking lot.

Reporters were on the phone trying to break down exactly what happened when I arrived. One of them said he was on his way to Union Station when he heard. Another one said he was taking his daughter to the store. Someone else said they were still in bed.

I still haven't grasped this whole thing. It's going to take me a while. But we have to get through this together.

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