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Chiefs vs. Steelers: Is this the week we can finally see Ricky Stanzi?

I don't know, but why not?


Before this season I never thought I would've seen Matt Cassel benched in Kansas City. And before this season I never would've thought Clark Hunt should consider firing Scott Pioli.

A lot of things have happened this season that I never thought would actually happen. Or at least I couldn't fathom at this time last year.

So, why not a new one this year -- Ricky Stanzi.

Romeo Crennel said something today that's made a few folks if we could maybe, actually, finally see Ricky Stanzi in a game. He said any players that turn it over could be subject to the bench.

Even the quarterback?

"Well, yes, you can make a change there," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs.


But...there's always a but.

"But the thing is that you always have to know exactly what happened on the play and why it happened," Crennel continued. "So if a receiver tips the ball up in the air, is that on the receiver or is that on the quarterback? Then I have to make that determination. So I'll make the call and I'll sit the receiver or I'll sit the quarterback."

So Romeo qualified that quite a bit but at no point in the last year and a half have I thought Stanzi could actually play more than a few snaps.

Is this the week?

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