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NFL picks, Week 10: Chiefs can't beat Steelers on Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh is a heavy favorite for a reason.

Jamie Squire

I remember two months ago, before the season started, and I went through the KC Chiefs 2012 schedule and I couldn't figure out the big question: Would the Chiefs win 9 games? Or 10? In November I realize I should've been wondering if the Chiefs will only lose 10 games because that'd be a big improvement from what we have been seeing.

Beating the Steelers is hard, beating them in Pittsburgh is damn near impossible and beating them in Pittsburgh on Monday night probably isn't going to happen.

For that reason, I have the Steelers beating the Chiefs this week. The score: 24-9.

I don't have much confidence in the Chiefs offense to score against average defenses, let alone the Steelers. The only thing keeping the Chiefs small chance alive is that we said all these same things before the four-win 2009 Chiefs beat the Steelers. Unlikely but not impossible.

The rest of my picks are below. I was very close to nailing the score of the Thursday night game.

Colts vs. Jaguars: 24-10

Chargers vs. Buccaneers: 31-27

Titans vs. Dolphins: 16-13

Bills vs. Patriots: 45-14

Raiders vs. Ravens: 31-13

Broncos vs. Panthers: 34-23

Giants vs. Bengals: 28-21

Lions vs. Vikings: 23-20

Falcons vs. Saints: 35-31

Jets vs. Seahawks: 21-9

Cowboys vs. Eagles: 24-23

Rams vs. 49ers: 23-6

Texans vs. Bears: 20-19

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