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This is why Sean Payton won't be coming to the Chiefs

Not that he'd consider it in the first place.


It's one of those pipe dreams that you can't help but wonder about.

The NFL did not approve Sean Payton's contract extension from last year, making him on track to be a free agent at the end of the season. The Saints will probably bring him back to a new contract and he'll stay in New Orleans.

But on the small chance he leaves....don't expect him to be coming to Kansas City. Not just because the Chiefs aren't a very good organization right now. And not just because they don't have a quarterback. Or any number of reasons.

Michael Lombardi, speaking on 810 WHB this week, laid out why Payton wouldn't consider KC, at least with the way things are set up now.

"I say no chance at all. Here's what fans have to understand: the reality of the situation here is pretty clear. In the seat Scott sits in, he has all the authority. Where Sean Payton sits in New Orleans, he has substantial authority. I don't think Sean Payton is ever going to take a job where he lessens his authority on the product on the field.

"Clark Hunt believes in the structure organizationally of how he set it up. His GM has the authority -- Carl Peterson had it before Scott -- and that's the way it is. You can go back to Marty and Carl having arguments about the line of demarcation in the building. I think Scott has the authority and there's not going to be a coach who comes in with Sean's resume who's gonna say I'll do whatever you wanna do."

I imagine this topic will come up again, not just for Chiefs fans but for the fans of any team who doesn't have a head coach as good as Sean Payton.

Here's the full interview at 810 WHB.

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