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Kansas City Chiefs midseason awards for 2012

Including the best Romeo Crennel quote of the year.

Al Messerschmidt

A preview of what I'll be talking about on the Danny Parkins show on 610 Sports at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Danny and Carrington Harrison came up with 8 poll questions for the Chiefs at the midseason, which are shared below.

Pretty funny stuff....sums up the season pretty well. Which is actually unfortunate, as a Chiefs fan.

I can't do 8 polls in one post to get an accurate count on this so let us know in the comments which ones you're picking. You can listen to my take on at 11:00 a.m. (Arrowhead Time).

(Note: "drop" is radio lingo for audio clip, or a quote)

Romeo drop of the year

1. I mean boom
2. One play does not a game make
3. Well, let me ask you, would you rather have a close game or a 40-10 score?
4. Jalil Brown has a little groin
5. I've found if you're not good at something, and you practice it, you'll get better

Chiefs player drop of the year

1. Shout to my knee - Jamaal Charles
2. Every snap they're either going to run or pass, that's all we know -Stanford Routt
3. Sickening and disgusted - Eric Winston
4. We are not gladiators - Eric Winston
5. I don't know Kung Fu -Tamba Hali

Turnover of the year

1. Cassel/Lilja fumble at the goal line against Baltimore
2. Hillis fumble at the goal line against Buffalo
3. McCluster tipped pick-six when the ball was inches from the ground (Ronde Barber) against Tampa Bay
4. McCluster tipped pick-six when Demorrio Williams taunted going in for the TD against San Diego
5. Cyrus Gray fumble on the pitch that somehow gets charged to Matt Cassel

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Useless celebration of the year

1. Jon Baldwin's 1st catch of the year against Buffalo when he taunts Stephon Gilmore down 21-0
2. Edgar Jones celebrating the downed punt with :00 on the clock at the end of the first half against Baltimore
3. Dexter McCluster gets up and poses with his arms crossed against San Diego when the Chiefs were losing
4. Bowe pointing to the name on the back of the jersey after a garbage time TD against Buffalo

Worst Romeo Blunder

1. Deciding to punt, then calling a timeout, before correctly going for it against New Orleans
2. Punting at the end of the first half in lieu of a hail Mary against Baltimore
3. Not knowing why Jamaal Charles only had five carries against Oakland
4. Taking the field goal on 4th-and-1 against San Diego much to Brian Daboll's apparent disappointment
5. Believing signs such as "Play good football" would be a legitimate motiving factor

The Casper award for the biggest disappearing act by a player this year

1. Steve Breaston
2. Tony Moeaki
3. Eric Berry
4. Peyton Hillis

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The fan choice for best display by a fan in frustration with the team

1. Fescoe rant about pumpkin picking
2. "We deserve better! Fire Pioli, Bench Cassel" banner over Arrowhead
3. @saveourchiefs Twitter movement
4. Chiefs fans with bags over their heads in the paper after the Oakland game

Chiefs stat that most encompasses the 2012 season

1. The Chiefs have not led for a single second this season
2. The Chiefs are -20 in turnover margin (the NFL record is -30)
3. The Chiefs haven't won a game with a QB they drafted in 25 years
4. The Raiders have won twice at Arrowhead since the last time the Chiefs have

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