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Chiefs: Overrated, underrated and just right

The Chiefs "shocking" personnel moves and overrated, underrated and just right.


So... apparently something happened in Chiefs world on Monday? I've been busy listening to endless, endless, ranting and raving about some kind of election that's occurring today. If you're like me and haven't been able to get people to shut up about said election long enough to keep up with the Chiefs, here's a really quick rundown...

The collective sacks of opposing teams got a little less safe, the Chiefs No. 2 CB got a lot shorter, and Romeo Crennel's job description shrank.

Wow, that didn't take long. Normally, I'd have 2,000 words regarding each of those subjects. But really, honestly... I don't think it matters all that much. I think we're pretty much screwed this year regardless of Pioli and Co. rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And anyways, that's not what I feel like writing about. So again, quickly...

1. Shaun Smith- Love me some Sascrotch. Now don't get wrong, I do not expect us to win any more games because of Smith's presence. He was a decent lineman for us who got beloved around here for his attitude, not his elite ability. But Shaun Smith gives a crap. He will absolutely say something to people who aren't giving their all during a game. We need some of that, even if the benefit doesn't really show itself until next season.

Also, I'll be stunned if Glenn Dorsey is a Chief next year unless he signs an absolute sweetheart deal. He's not bad, but he's just not that good either. And frankly, even though he's played most games in his career, it seems like every year he's always a little nicked up at various points. I doubt he's around. Hopefully he goes to a 4-3 team and does well (or we switch to a 4-3 and he does well).

2. Stanford Routt- I have no idea what happened here, but I'd bet my last buck SOMETHING did. Because while Routt has been mostly "bleh" (and getting worse lately), he's our 2nd most talented CB. RAC's reason for cutting him sounded like absolute bull to me. Unless Routt speaks out to the media I doubt we'll ever know, but seriously, more went on here.

3. The HC former known as HC and DC- Good move by Romeo that's too late in coming. Honestly, I think I've finally come around to the idea that the 2-gap system just isn't working. I want to see Dontari Poe attacking a single gap, not trying to just hold his ground and keep his head up until he sees it's not a running play.

This move will not save our season, and will not save RAC's job. Sorry, big man. I still think you're a great guy and stuff... Really. It's not you, it's me. Well, it's really mostly you. But no offense?

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Overrated / Underrated / Just Right

You know what? The Chiefs suck. I've accepted it, and so should you. I do NOT want to start debating about what guy to draft in freaking November. Nor do I want to talk about next season, with all the factors involved there. So instead... let's do something much less productive and a lot more fun!

Ways to express your political opinion

Overrated: voting

Underrated: calling radio shows to get shouted down by the host

Just Right: taking sides in the annual political death match between Texas Chief and upamtn on Arrowhead Pride

Chiefs offensive linemen

Overrated: Eric Winston

Underrated: Eric Winston

Just Right: Branden Albert

With Winston, whether he's currently being underrated or overrated depends on who you talk to. I rarely see him rated as "decent." He's either been really good or the worst OL ever. Middle grounds are for pansies. As far as Albert... hey Scott, maybe you should get our best OL's contract extended. Just a thought if you want even a PRAYER to keep your job.


Chiefs Running backs

Overrated: Nate Eachus and Peyton Hillis

Underrated: Cyrus Gray (give the man some carries!)

Just Right: Jamaal Charles

Television Series

Overrated: Breaking Bad (ducks)

Underrated: Supernatural (seriously, I swear to God it's decent TV)

Just Right: Friday Night Lights

Listen to all your friends who told you how awesome FNL is and watch it. Honorable mention for a good show goes to "The Walking Dead." If you stopped watching during last season's borefest, start back up. This season has me literally uncomfortable watching, knowing someone could die at any second all the time.

NFL Teams

Overrated: Baltimore Ravens

Underrated: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just Right: Kansas City Chiefs



Overrated: Lawyer

Underrated: Internationally renowned blogger (hi Joel!)

Just Right: veterinarian

Have you ever met a vet that was like, "my job sucks and is super unrewarding?" Didn't think so.

Reasons for NFL players to whine about Roger Goodell

Overrated: Concussions (ducks again)

Underrated: Thursday night games being stupid

Just right: Being flagged/fined for legal hard hits

Chief defenders

Overrated: Tyson Jackson

Underrated: Brandon Flowers

Just Right: Tamba/Houston

I think T-Jax has fallen victim to the made-famous-by-Simmons "overrated for being underrated" phenomenon. I like the guy and hope we keep him around. But let's face it, he's been more useless than (insert expression of your choice involving an ugly animal) on most passing downs this year. I think he's overrated here (partly my fault) and underrated in the national media.

On Flowers... lost in the shuffle of us being TERRIBLE this year is that Flowers is playing lights out football. He's allowing 43% of the passes thrown his way to be completed, very little YAC, has 2 picks, and is forcing opposing QBs into a 45.4 QB rating when thrown at. The guy is balling.


Arrowhead Pride "haters"

Overrated: saintschiefsfan

Underrated: Aiken Drum

Just Right: HIV 2 Elway and Arrowdread

None of these guys are actually haters, but whatever. It's my over/under/just right list...


Overrated: China (they don't even speak English, people)

Underrated: America (no matter how great you think it is, you're underrating it)

Just Right: Canada

Am I insulting Canada or complimenting it? You just figured out how YOU feel about Canada by answering that question...

Famous people with no business being famous

Overrated: The entire Kardashian family

Underrated: That Spencer guy who may or may not still be married to that Heidi chick from The Hills

Just Right: Joe Rogan

That Spencer guy is genuinely crazy. He has issues. I respect that. And Joe Rogan, regardless of what you think of him, can very likely beat the crap out of you. I respect that as well.


Overrated: Ryan Gosling

Underrated: Edward Norton

Just Right: Daniel Day-Lewis

"Drive" might be the most overrated movie I've ever seen, and everyone swooning over it has directly led to me kind of despising a really likeable guy in Gosling. And Norton, like America, is underrated no matter how good you think he is. And if you've seen Gangs of New York" or any other Daniel Day-Lewis film, you know the hype is true. That guy is spooky.

NFL Quarterbacks

Overrated: Tom Brady

Underrated: Josh Freeman

Just Right: RG3

Because screw Tom Brady, that's why.


Ideas for AP fanposts going forward

Overrated: Anything involving the draft

Underrated: Anything involving funny pictures of animals and/or people getting hurt (but not injured, of course. I'm not a psychopath, people)

Just Right: Anything calling for Scott Pioli's head

Ways of ending an AP column

Overrated: Having an actual reasoned conclusion that ties everything together

Underrated: Stopping mid-sentence

Just Right: Revealing the secret of life; that one must never

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