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Shaun Smith hopes to play on Monday night against the Steelers

Signed on Monday, Smith hopes to play against the Steelers on MNF.


For Shaun Smith, it's good to be back.

Fans were disappointed when the Chiefs didn't re-sign Shaun Smith following the 2010 season. Smith signed a multi-year deal in Tennnessee but was cut after one season. He hasn't played for anyone this season before signing with the Chiefs.

"I was surprised," Smith said when asked about the Chiefs calling, "but I was also happy. At the end of the day I'm off the couch now. I get to play some football. I don't have to watch anymore on Sunday. It feels good to come back to a place that everybody wanted me to come back to. It should be good. I knocked a little rust off today at practice. A few more days, I'll knock a little more off and should be ready to play on Monday."

Smith said he talked to Romeo just about every week. We knew they each had a close relationship. He should be familiar with the defense. Playing on Monday seems really quick for someone to be getting on the field but Smith does know the defense, and has been around Romeo for a while. I suppose it wouldn't be a shock of Smith played against the Steelers.

"I thought he was a great defensive coordinator when I played under him when I was here and when I was in Cleveland," Smith said of Crennel. "Those were some of my best years, playing under him. Him being a coordinator, I don't think is a problem. He knows the game, the ins and outs. It's the plan. The guys have to go out and execute the plan, no matter what situation, no matter what call they give us. We have to go out there and execute it."

And let's execute it with a little attitude, shall we? Shaun Smith can help with that.

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