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Stanford Routt is the latest mistake for the Chiefs GM Scott Pioli

The Chiefs blew the Brandon Carr/Stanford Routt decision.

Stacy Revere

The mistakes just keep mounting for the Chiefs and GM Scott Pioli.

I've rarely been one to scream that someone should be fired -- maybe Carl Peterson made me too prone to insane loyalty -- but it's hard seeing how the Chiefs can stick with Pioli after this season. For those of you who have been reading the site for a while know it's taken me a while to say that.

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I've been running everything through my head, from the start of 2009 until now.

He chose Todd Haley as head coach. We might've talked about a tiny bit last year. I don't think it's so much that Haley is a bad coach as it is that Pioli hired him and then was unable to work with him. That's on Pioli.

Choosing Tyson Jackson (yeah, in a bad draft, anyway), signing Matt Cassel to a six-year deal -- which wasn't so bad at the time -- but then sticking with him with no reliable backup. Those are on Pioli.

That led to Romeo Crennel, which seemed like the easy decision. I bought into it. I thought it would work. But midway through season No. 1, it looks like a complete disaster. Crennel's record in Cleveland now appears to be the rule, not the exception. That's on Pioli.

Everyone knew the quarterback situation would be a thing and, whaddya know, halfway through the season the Chiefs have one of the most embarrassing quarterback situations in recent memory.

The Chiefs are on the verge of losing Dwayne Bowe, or renting him one more year at $11+ million.

Rolling with Stanford Routt over Brandon Carr is laughable now that the Chiefs have gone ahead and admitted a mistake by cutting him.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The big offseason moves this year were Routt, who is already gone, Eric Winston, who put the Chiefs on the national stage for the wrong reason, and Peyton Hillis, who might crack 250 yards rushing if he turns it on in the second half.

All I can hear right now is Pioli's offseason media sessions, talking to radio stations what a great value Routt is and how you can't pass up a deal like that. And, you know what, I agreed with him at the time. Like Romeo as the head coach, I bought into it and believed in it.

But the Chiefs are 1-7. In year four.

I can come up with excuses to explain away some of the mistakes but you can't defend the "progress" that is a 1-7 record in year four.

People keep asking if I think Pioli will be back. Until this week, I really thought he would. I thought he and Clark Hunt were too tight, and that Pioli would return.

But now I start to see the signs even more clearly. Like, why didn't Clark Hunt speak publicly during the bye week, like he does most years? Perhaps he didn't want to be put in a position where he has to defend Scott Pioli, because that's the question that would undoubtedly be coming.

I'm leaning pretty hard the other way, that Pioli won't be back next season. And there's no one to blame but Pioli for that.

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