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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel explains decision to let Gary Gibbs run defense

Quotes from Crennel's press conference.

Stephen Dunn

The Chiefs announced on Monday that Gary Gibbs would be the new defensive coordinator, replacing Romeo Crennel, who fill focus more on the entire team now.

Here's what Romeo said in making the announcement:

"Also, as we have continually things and evaluated things and try to turn over every stone we can to find a way to improve the team, I've decided I'm going to spend more time with the whole team and less time with the defense and see if that can make any difference in our team.

"In the mean time, Gary Gibbs, he will take over the responsibilities as the defensive coordinator and he'll run the defense. I will continue to be in meetings sometimes. I will meet with Gary on a regular basis as well as I do with Brian (Daboll) and Tom (McMahon) to know what the game plan is and what's going on there. But I'm going to spend more time with the whole team and less time with the defense."

The reason, according to Romeo, are those impressionable young players.

"As I've looked at this thing, you try to figure out why things may be happening or why they may not be happening. We have a young team. Some guys, their perception, may be that I'm a defensive coach, or a defensive coordinator and I don't care about other parts of the team, which is not true. But their perception may be that, so my being with them more I think they will see that I'm concerned about the whole team, which I am concerned about the whole team, but my body presence and my physical presence at different meetings with the coaching staffs and things like that, hopefully that will help."

Interesting. Makes me wonder if the Chiefs had some sort of meeting or incident recently where all this came out. This is a big change. Something had to have spurred it (maybe just being 1-7).

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