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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli still confident in Romeo Crennel

Pioli says he remains confident in the head coach despite a 1-7 record.


Chiefs GM Scott Pioli remains confident in head coach Romeo Crennel despite Kansas City's 1-7 record at the midway point of the season.

Here's what Pioli told Len Dawson in an interview on KMBC Sunday night:

"I'm still confident in Romeo as the day I hired him," Pioli said. "I really am. I see the things people don't see. I see how hard this coaching staff is working. I see how hard the players are working. And then what it has to do that work has to manifest itself on Sundays, and it's not."

It doesn't matter how hard people are working if you're not winning. This is the NFL. Everyone works hard. Everyone is in the office for 18 hours a day. You don't get bonus points for working hard. You get bonus points for results and, for the Chiefs, the results simply aren't there.

"Now, I don't think that's coaching," Pioli continued. "I think there's things that have to be done out there and people have to take responsibility for what's going on, and it starts with me. If some of these things aren't going right, every single one of us has a hand in it."

It's hard to believe that Pioli is truly as confident in Crennel now as he was the day he hired him. Pioli either A.) had super low expectations for Crennel or B.) is telling a fib. I don't see how it can be any other way.

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