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GIF'D UP: Jeff Allen continues to struggle

Jeff Allen remains the Chiefs' worst offensive lineman in 2012.

Donald Miralle

A few weeks ago we GIF'D Jeff Allen up for his horrible performance against the San Diego Chargers. A month later, not much has changed.

I noticed Allen getting beaten pretty badly against the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers the last two games. Here are a few GIFs that show some of his worst plays.

Jeff Allen vs Richard Seymour

Seymour puts Allen right on his butt. If you end up on the ground, as an offensive lineman, you have failed at your job and this is sheer domination. Yes, Seymour is probably a Hall of Famer, but as the GIF caption explains, we've seen rookie linemen play well against him before. Seymour makes the tackle on this play, too.


Jeff Allen vs Desmond Bryant

Can't use the "elite defender" excuse on this one. Allen gets blown up again and Hillis runs right into Bryant. Of course Tony Moeaki blew his block, too, so I'm not sure a good block from Allen would have made a difference. Moeaki is having a poor season as a blocker, too.


Jeff Allen vs Kendall Reyes

This is possibly the most disturbing of these GIFs because Kendall Reyes is not a good defender. He's currently ranked as the 26th best 3-4 defensive end and the 31st ranked run defender. In fact, he's a ROOKIE just like Jeff Allen, but he beats him handily on this snap. This is an other well blocked play, as the overlayed caption explains, but had it not been Allen's blocking would have been an issue.


Jeff Allen vs Corey Liuget

Yes, that's the same Corey Liuget Allen struggled against in his first start. Liuget is just a second-year player, and not close to elite, so this is another example of Allen not being able to handle even pedestrian levels of talent.


It's no stretch that Jeff Allen is our worst offensive lineman. In fact, according to PFF he's the worst left guard in the entire NFL right now. He did have his highest grade of the season against San Diego, but with only 17 snaps you wonder what might have happened if he played the whole game.

Allen is only a rookie, but for a second-round pick he's very underwhelming at this point. Compared to what Jon Asamoah did his rookie season it's not even close. Allen has time to improve but right now he's another black mark on Scott Pioli's draft record.

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