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Chiefs' Donald Stephenson fined $15k in his first NFL start

The rookie got his first start last week. And his first fine.

Donald Stephenson played in his first NFL game last weekend, replacing starting left tackle Branden Albert.

Donald Stephenson also paid his first NFL fine last weekend.

The league confirmed to me this afternoon that Stephenson was fined $15,750 for a clipping call he received. According to the NFL, while blocking an opponent he "unnecessarily" rolled up on his leg.

Let's take a look at the play in question...


Brady Quinn scrambled out of the pocket and found Dwayne Bowe near the sideline. Bowe is the one at the bottom of the screen, catching the ball.

Donald Stephenson is on top of the screen. The play was basically over and Stephenson fell right on Bannan's legs.


You can see Stephenson going low there. He argued the call with the referees but they disagreed.

A 15-yard clipping penalty and a $15k fine in his first game.

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