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GIF'D UP: Jon Baldwin is still open

Jon Baldwin only has 16 catches this year, but better QB play might help him.

Jamie Squire

Romeo Crennel made a point to talk about Jon Baldwin getting open for a potential touchdown earlier this week so I took it upon myself to go find a GIF of the play. As you can see below, Baldwin is open for an easy six if Brady Quinn throws a decent pass.


Quinn threw this pass short to Tony Moeaki for a first down, so did he even see Baldwin? I don't think he looks his direction. The Chiefs got a field goal out of this drive, but obviously they could have used a touchdown.

Later on, Quinn missed Baldwin coming open across the middle of the field. This was on a key 3rd-and-4 right at the end of the third quarter. The Chiefs were flagged for holding on this play, so a completion to Baldwin wouldn't have counted, but at the very least they would have had another chance to pick up the first down.


More importantly it shows another play where Quinn just isn't even looking at Baldwin. He's starting down Bowe all the way.

Finally, this play has nothing to do with Baldwin, but it's another example of poor QB play hampering our offense. This screenshot is from a 3rd and 10 in the third quarter. Quinn heaves this to Jamar Newsome incomplete but you can see Jamaal Charles easily would have picked up a first down if Quinn had dumped the ball to him short over the middle.


Cliff notes: Draft a QB and maybe Baldwin could get more than one target during a game.

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