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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel prepares to fight human nature

So, that's what you have to fight. Fight what? Human nature.

Donald Miralle

I pointed this out the other day: The KC Chiefs play well against very good teams like the Falcons (for at least a half), Ravens, Saints, Steelers and Broncos. Then they play like dog poop against lesser teams like the Bills, Bucs, Raiders and Bengals.

So what gives?

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is here with your answer.

"Our team," Crennel began on Wednesday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs, "when we play really good against a good football team, a lot of the energy and effort that goes into playing that type of game. Mentally, when you're playing a team that is not as good - and I say not as good, and I don't mean that literally - but human nature says, ‘I played the Denver Broncos and they're the best team in the AFC West, so now here's a team that is 3-8 and they're not as good as the Denver Broncos.' So, human nature says, ‘Relax a little bit. I can relax a little bit.'

"So, that's what you have to fight," Crennel continued, "You have to fight human nature. That's what we are focusing on, is not letting down and being able to put forth the same kind of effort we put forth last week."

Human nature was also at play in keeping the second helping of turkey away from the defensive line.

But back to the point. The vast majority of NFL teams don't have this motivation problem from game to game, or at least they don't show it on the field. The Chiefs do have this problem.

Why is that?

When we talk about players being motivated and getting up for the games, I put all that on the head coach. It's his job to make sure they're prepared not only mentally and physically but emotionally as well.

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