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Chiefs' Shaun Smith wants to frustrate Cam Newton

Bring back sad Cam Newton.


I'm glad Shaun Smith is back.

The KC Chiefs defensive end tells it like it is. He was asked about playing Cam Newton today, and whether it's important to shake him up a little.

"I think so," Smith said, via quotes sent out by the Chiefs. "You can tell by his body language that when things are not going good for him, he gets real frustrated I think as any quarterback does."

Cam Newton's body language has been talked about a liiiiiitle bit in the media. Did Cam slouch at his press conference? Where did he put his hands? Why doesn't he smile more? I thought it was funny that he mentioned that.

"The thing this week is try to get to him as much as we can and stop the option and stop the run game," Smith continued. "He's an explosive guy, he's a playmaker, but just like any other player, if you stop him and they get frustrated, they'll start showing it on the field. So that's what we've got to do."

At least watching Cam Newton can be fun, even if the Chiefs lose. There's never anything nice seeing Peyton Manning or the Broncos win.

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