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Kansas City Chiefs Week 12: The best and the worst

The recently reformatted Best & Worst with His Dirkness tries to forget the present and focus primarily on the future of our beleaguered Kansas City Chiefs.

Jamie Squire

Well, that game was fun.

We didn't get to hurt Peyton Manning or anything, but at least we got to sit and enjoy what a real NFL football game is supposed to be like.

Yes, you are supposed to unequivocally want your team to win the game (the first time I've felt this way 100 percent since the Tampa Bay game).

And yes, NFL games are designed to be close. Believe it or not, the NFL bases most of their decisions on increasing parity in the league. It's somewhat difficult to be as uncompetitive as the Chiefs have been.

They had their chances in this one. I think they botched the decision to kick a FG from the five yard line on 4th-and-2 (as well as the timeout before punting in the fourth quarter, and having Anthony Torribio in position to return a kick with under 20 seconds left in the game, but hey, who's counting?). The defense played well up until Peyton identified the weaknesses on defense (oh, hello Eric! How you doin' Jalil?) and slowly picked us apart. I was pleased with the effort though, and I could tell they genuinely cared about winning the game (expectations have fallen off just a tad for me).

All in all, a nice three hour tour distraction.

A distraction from what really matters...

Best result of the weekend ~ Jacksonville 24, Tennessee 19. Kansas City will now have to win two of their final five games (and that's if Jacksonville loses out) to miss out on the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Chiefs are inching closer and closer to an opportunity (and a decision) that will determine the immediate future of the franchise. It's sort of tough to fathom just how important this selection will be right now because the team is so bad and everything seems so hopeless. But it looms. And as Ben Wallace would say, "It's gonna be huge."

Lets do this with the efficiency of a pro-style sweep to Dexter McCluster...

The Best & Worst With: His Dirkness

Best I can tell ~ It's a QB, Manti Te'o or bust at No. 1. I don't think you could justify an offensive lineman (with seemingly two options at left tackle now that Donald Stephenson just owned Von Miller) or defensive lineman (although there is a first round LSU prospect) with the first pick. I don't think there is any slam dunk prospect for another team to sell the farm to move up for either (usually a QB). The main reason I would consider Te'o is because of his leadership capabilities coupled with the lack of leadership on our defense. He seems to fit our most glaring hole on that side of the ball. Of course, selecting him would mean you're putting off the QB decision yet again (hopefully, only until the 2nd round). Aside from that, get ready for enough Barkley vs. Geno debates to make you miss Peyton Manning autograph discussions (oh wait, nobody will ever care about that again after this week ends).

Best strategy? ~ Picking multiple QBs in this Draft. I'm talking like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round. Why not? No, literally, tell me why not. I understand this is unconventional wisdom, so I'm sure there are reasons not to do so, but I can't really think of any.

Here's where I stand: I am disgusted by the lack of options at QB on the Chiefs roster right now. The team moved on from Matt Cassel somewhere around Week 5, with 11 games left, and nobody to even give a shot (if the Chiefs are treating Rick Stanzi like he's worthless, then I guess I'll write about him like he's worthless). But if the QB position is so important in the NFL, and you don't have an elite QB already, then why would you waste roster spots on QBs that stand no chance of being the answer? It doesn't make any sense.

So everybody is in agreeance that the Chiefs need a new QB. And most people would agree that there isn't an Andrew Luck/RG3 type of QB in this Draft. So what do you do? Hope and pray that whoever you decide on at #1 is the real deal? Or do you hedge your bets, and increase your odds of hitting on a QB of the future, by taking multiple options (the Redskins did just this last year, and took some heat for it, while I thought it was smart)?

What if the Chiefs came away from the 2013 NFL Draft with either Matt Barkley (who I like) or Geno Smith (the most popular Chiefs selection in mock drafts right now) in the 1st round (remember, the investment isn't nearly what it used to be for top picks), EJ Manuel in the 2nd round (the potential NFL QB prospect I've heard the very least about, and someone who intrigues me), and my boy Mike Glennon in the 3rd round (read all about him here)? I would be more delighted than Knowshon Moreno seems to be with his Scout Team Player of the Week awards. And I would be very confident that the Chiefs got their QB of the future in this draft. Go with just Barkley or Geno? Ehh, I'm 50/50.

I would love to hear why this is a bad strategy. Somebody convince me that this half baked idea of mine is wrong. I will be keeping a very open mind. I understand that your almost assured to waste a pick or two, but I'd rather do so on a potential QBOTF than some defensive lineman who I'm not sure even plays anymore (lookin' at you, Allen Bailey). Too much in house competition? If he can't handle that than I doubt he'll make it in this league. Lack of attention to the rest of the roster? I think we're in decent shape there. Not to the point that we all thought before this season, but I think the Chiefs can win right now with what they've got 2-53.

{End rant}

Best/Worst news ~ Pete Carmichael (who I highly touted last week) is being considered for the Boston College job. Two things jump out to me about this: One, he's at least somewhat interested in leaving New Orleans and becoming a head coach somewhere (best news). Two, the Chiefs could be in competition for a head coach with a 2-10 college football team and I'm not sure who I'd say has the advantage (worst news).

Worst streak that needs to be broken ~ 27 straight games without an opening drive TD. I realized this was a horrific stat before. What I did not realize is that it might be some sort of curse. A curse, I say! The last game in which their scripted plays led to six points came in 2010 against Tennessee. The Chiefs clinched the AFC West that day. Times were different. The next week, the Raiders smacked us around in a mostly meaningless game, followed by the playoff loss to Baltimore. Nothing good has happened since. Literally...nothing. This streak perfectly coincides with the Chiefs' recent run of incompetence. I say break the streak, break the curse.

Best game of Javier Arenas' career ~ Sunday. Warrants a mention at the least.

Best reason to start anybody but Rick Stanzi at QB from here on out ~ __________. (I have yet to come up with one.)

Best reason to be thankful these holidays ~ The Chiefs are a missed holding call away from sitting at 0-11, and yes, flirting with an 0-16 season. No Kansas City fan should ever belittle the replacement refs again.

Worst voting by Arrowhead Pride nation ~ Clark Hunt's 8% current approval rating. Look, we're all pissed that the Chiefs suck harder than an all-SEC National Championship Game does. And you probably don't want to hear that it isn't Clark Hunt's fault right now. But it isn't. He went out and got the hottest General Manager on the market, the man everybody wanted. He did his job. Giving Scott Pioli four years to turn things around isn't an indictment on Clark Hunt. He's stayed out of affairs because that's what an owner should do when he hires a high profile GM. Lastly, as far as I'm concerned, firing Pioli before the end of this season doesn't accomplish much. Give him time. And lay off ol' Clarky-poo.

"You suck, Winston!!!",

His Dirkness (<------ Listen to Amateur Hour podcasts here!!!)

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