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Kansas City Chiefs just need to avoid the letdown game

Crennel says the 1-10 Chiefs have to avoid the letdown game.

Peter Aiken

Boy if the Kansas City Chiefs aren't careful they'll have a letdown game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

What's that? A 1-10 team with an eight-game losing streak cant really have a letdown game?

KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was asked about the trend of the Chiefs playing well against good teams and poorly against bad teams. He said the key is avoiding a letdown.

"The thing that I told them is that we have to avoid the letdown," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs, "and I use that example you just gave me of the other teams we played hard and have played good against and came close, but then the following week we let down. So, we talked about avoiding that letdown and seeing if we could carry this effort forward."

A team who hasn't won since September 23 (!!!) is just trying to avoid a letdown each week.

I'd rather the Chiefs focusing on completing a pass more than 20 yards down the field than worry about a letdown game. Or go an entire game without turning it over. Or put up multiple touchdowns in one game.

As Adam Teicher said, "That may be the first time that (letdown) statement was used by the coach of a 1-10 team with an eight-game losing streak."

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