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'When I coached against the Chiefs, I told our guys don't worry about deep balls'

Former Chiefs DB Kevin Ross weighs in on the 2012 Chiefs.

Donald Miralle

Former KC Chiefs defensive back Kevin Ross talked with The Big Show on 610 Sports yesterday afternoon and delivered some interesting opinions on the state of our Chiefs.

Ross has some coaching experience in the league, including the time he went to the dark side. He's also a Chiefs Hall of Famer.

Listen to the interview here. A few highlights and things I found interesting are below:

The 2012 Chiefs: "What I've seen this year ... man, lack of effort. Seems like they play with no pride. The mystique of Arrowhead has left us. I was at the game yesterday and from what I understand players were taking pictures with Peyton Manning. That's unheard of man! I don't even understand it. I can't even relate to it. There's a lot of questions that need to be answered. I got major feelings for the Chiefs because of the owner, well, the owner's father, Lamar, for what he did for me and what he stood for me. It's just unbelievable."

Defending the Chiefs: "When I coached against the Chiefs, I told our guys don't really worry about any deep balls. They don't throw it deep for whatever reason. I don't know if the guy can't throw the ball deep or they just don't call for deep plays. I watched the game yesterday. Baldwin, I'm wondering what's going on with him. He's a first round draft pick. Why is he not getting the ball?"

Are Chiefs players cut off from the fans? "The one thing he would correct is, I talked to JC earlier, I was wondering where the banners were for the guys who had foundations and things like that throughout the city. Where the guys go out and they interact with the fans and do things with the fans and the fans support their foundations and things like that. That doesn't exist anymore. I don't know why but that part disappointed me. The fact that the guys don't have TV shows or radio shows anymore -- I guess that's forbidden -- it's kinda like they cut the players off from being a part of the community. And the community is really what we feed off of. That's what made Arrowhead Arrowhead, to be honest with you. No longer does that exist. That's gotta come back."

What would it take to get Kevin Ross coaching in Kansas City? "A phone call."

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