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Jamaal Charles asked for Peyton Manning's autograph

His Mom wanted it, he said.

Jamie Squire

Chiefs players are a lot like you and I. They sleep. They eat. They breathe.

And they want Peyton Manning's autograph.

KCTV-5's postgame report with Neal Jones showed Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles asking for Manning's autograph in the parking lot after the game.

"Man, my mama wanted his autograph," Charles said laughing on the KCTV-5 report.

Dwayne Bowe also posed for a picture, leading to this exchange:

Bowe: "It's a legend, I guess. It's Peyton Manning. Who wouldn't want a picture with him? If you had an opportunity, would you take it?"

Reporter: "Yeah, I'd like him to throw me passes, too."

Bowe: "That too but right now the best thing I have is a picture so I'll live with that."

Check out the video here.

(H/T Jay Binkley)

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