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Grade the KC Chiefs against the Denver Broncos

Did the Chiefs get a passing grade?

Peter Aiken

This is unlike most of our postgame "Grade the Chiefs" posts. The Chiefs were actually competitive against the Broncos so they may not receive all F's from the teachers.

The Chiefs lost to the Broncos on Sunday, 17-9, but they didn't make the usual mistakes they normally do. They didn't melt down with turnovers. They didn't give the Broncos great field position every drive. They played solid defense throughout.

But then some things were the same. The quarterback play was below average, at best. The head coach made a couple of in-game management mistakes. The offense couldn't score a touchdown.

The killer mistakes are still there ... it's just that the Chiefs didn't make as many of them this game.

So ... progress?

Let us know with your vote. What grade do the Chiefs deserve?

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