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The Chiefs lose, but they aren't blown out ... progress?

Denver topped KC, 17-9.

Peter Aiken

The KC Chiefs latest loss was a little different. It came against one of the NFL's hottest teams and it wasn't a blowout. That's the good news.

The bad news of course is that the Chiefs still lost.

I say this was a little different because it was one of the rare times this year the Chiefs have kept the game competitive ... without even scoring touchdowns!

Three of the four best opponents the Chiefs have faced are the Ravens, Steelers and Broncos. They lost to the Ravens and Steelers by three points apiece. The Broncos game was eight points. Even against the other good team they've faced, the Falcons, the Chiefs played well for a half. The Saints actually appear to be a good team now as well.

The Bills, Chargers, Bucs, Raiders, Chargers (again) and Bengals? Nah, we'll just get blown out.

The bizarro Chiefs. I saw some things I liked today but you can't really say anything good about the Chiefs we're all under this cloud of "1-10", that this is a really bad team.

So we've seen this Chiefs team before, the one that keeps it close against one of the league's best teams. It's just that they play like dog poop against teams they should beat.

Looking forward, you should keep this in mind. The Chiefs are probably going to get blown out of their next four games. And then take the Broncos to the wire in Week 17.

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