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Broncos-Chiefs final score: Peyton Manning gives KC 8th straight loss

KC falls to 1-10 on the season.

Peter Aiken

The Kansas City Chiefs played significantly better than what many had predicted but they still came up short against the Denver Broncos, losing 17-9. The Chiefs defense played well throughout the game but once again the story of the game is the offense's inability to score touchdowns.

Brady Quinn played very game manager-y. He was 13-of-20 for 126 yards and one interception on the final play of the game. Shows what the Chiefs can do when they don't have major turnover problems -- keep things competitive.

While things look better because the Chiefs didn't get blown out, there are still major issues with the team now that we have eight consecutive losses.

Your Broncos-Chiefs recap is below:


This is the scene at Arrowhead about five minutes before the game started:


There was a short concern that Jamaal Charles was hurt on the first carry of the game. He walked off the field after that play and had a Chiefs trainer looking at him briefly. Three players later and he was back in the game carrying the ball.

Peyton Hillis fumbled on the fifth play of the game. The referees ruled it a fumble, saying the Broncos recovered. But they did review it, as they do all scoring drives, and determined that Hillis' knee was down before the ball came out. KC retained possession.

Dexter McCluster had a rare carry as a running back. He looked like Charles taking the handoff and rolling to the right side of the field, and cutting through defenders for a 19-yard gain. Maybe they were right about him at running back...

I don't even...


Listen, I'm all for trick plays. I love them. But not on third down. I know hindsight is 20/20 but on this play the Chiefs should not have tried something like this. The running game was working well -- they should've used Charles instead of relying on the arm -- the arm! -- of Peyton Hillis to bring a first down.

Score update: Broncos 0 Chiefs 3. Chiefs have led in three consecutive games. They took a 3-0 lead over the Broncos after going 55 yards in 11 plays on their first drive.

Javier Arenas appeared to intercept a pass from Manning to Brandon Stokley on third down and, even though it was ruled a turnover, the refs reviewed it and called it an incomplete pass. Ultimately, it didn't really matter as the Chiefs got the ball back on the punt....

Score update: Broncos 0 Chiefs 6. The fans booed the Chiefs for not going for it on fourth and two near the goal line, but KC sticks to the field goal and took a 6-0 lead. Should they have gone for it? Most say yes.

The Chiefs defense is making it hell for Manning, who was sacked once in the first quarter by Justin Houston. Denver moved into field goal range but missed the kick, ending their second offensive drive.


The Arrowhead crowd is looking much better now that the fans have had time to settle in:


Manning went deep down the middle of the field, overthrowing his receiver with the ball landing in the hands of Brandon Flowers, who took his third interception of the season and 16th of his career. The Denver receiver fell to the ground but held onto the ankle of Flowers, who then pitched the ball to another Chief.

Matt Cassel keeping his head in the game!


But for real, look at Quinn stand in the pocket even though he knows he's going to get hit. Cassel's happy feet usually get the best of him in that situation.

Score update: Broncos 7 Chiefs 6. The Broncos go 94 plays in 11 plays. Eric Berry getting burned in coverage was among the highlights.


Broncos blow it on their first drive out of halftime. After driving 53 yards, the Broncos missed a gimme 33-yard field goal.

Score update: Broncos 7 Chiefs 9. Ryan Succop's 49-yarder is good and the Chiefs take the lead back.

Tyson Jackson...sooo close to another sack. He tackled Peyton Manning, but it was ruled a 1-yard rush and not a sack. Jackson had a sack last week against the Bengals.

Score update: Broncos 14 Chiefs 9. Peyton does it again with an absolutely perfect pass to Demaryius Thomas for a 30-yard touchdown.


Best sign at Broncos-Chiefs:


Today's paid attendance: 74,244

Reminder: Dustin Colquitt is awesome. With 8 minutes left in the game, and the Chiefs needing to pin the Broncos deep, Colquitt drops one inside the five yard line.

Romeo doesn't make sense sometimes. The Chiefs were facing a 4th-and-6 from midfield and for some reason Romeo Crennel called a timeout. That would make sense if the Chiefs were going for it but they weren't. They came out and punted it. What he should've done was taken the delay of game penalty and backed up five yards. No reason for the timeout.

Broncos have the ball on a 3rd-and-7 with two minutes remaining: Manning completes it and that's a first down. It's also the ball game because the Chiefs can't run out the clock. Who woulda thought?


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