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Chiefs vs. Broncos: No bad blood between Brady Quinn, Denver

Quinn is facing his former team on Sunday.

Jamie Squire

There won't be any bad blood between Brady Quinn and the Denver Broncos even though he played there for two seasons. Quinn was asked earlier this week what happened in Denver and he gave a non-controversial answer, saying he still has friends on the team.

"I don't know [what happened]," Quinn said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "I know I really enjoyed the teammates that I had there. I tried to get better as a player each day, regardless of whether I was going in there as a starter or backup or what have you. I really enjoyed the friends that I made there, the teammates that I had. That's a great group of men in that locker room and also the coaching staff. I can't really speak of what did or didn't happen there, I just know that I felt like I got better as a player and made a bunch of friends along the way."

I was kinda hoping for something juicier there. Something like, "Hell yeah, I wanna embarrass the Broncos." But I'm also not a professional football player, so maybe that's not the best thing to say.

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