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Romeo Crennel isn't sure if he's Peyton Manning's kryptonite

It would be nice if he was this weekend.

Doug Pensinger

Romeo Crennel has had more success against Peyton Manning in his career than others. Maybe it's just that those Patriots teams were so great. Or maybe it's that Crennel has it figured out against Manning. He hasn't perfect against Manning, not by any means, but he's fared better than others.

In nine career meetings, a Crennel-led defense is 6-3 against a Manning-led offense.

Sports Illustrated once called Crennel Manning's "kryptonite", which Pro Football Weekly reporter Herbie Teope asked the Chiefs coach about on Wednesday.

"Some of it has just been fortunate. We've been a little lucky. Maybe he hasn't been on as much when he's gone against us than some other people. I don't know if I'm kryptonite at all. This guy is pretty good."

We're at the point of the year when the Chiefs losing games may be more beneficial to the team in the long run, securing a high draft pick.

But not me, not this week. I loooove seeing Peyton Manning lose and even if it costs them a draft pick I want the Chiefs to crush Manning and the Broncos. (Yes, I'm ignoring that the chances of that happening are not very good.)

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