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Kansas City: Please stop shooting people because the Chiefs suck

Win games for the good of the city, Chiefs!

Peter Aiken

Many of you read earlier this week the story of Loren G. "Sam" Lickteig, who passed away last week. His obituary blamed his death on the "heartbreaking disappointment" of being a Chiefs fan, which led people to write headlines like, "Now the Chiefs are killing their fans!"

Unfortunately, there's another story that will bring out similar headlines. KSHB has all the details of a shooting in Kansas City, which took place after some insults during the -- you guessed it -- Chiefs game.


Hall's son told police everyone at the gathering had been drinking and trading insults as they watched the game.

He also told police his father was ill-tempered and mean and his disposition had gotten worse in the last year, according to court documents.

Hall often became angry during the banter and that was the case Sunday.

His son told police his father threatened to shoot people in the past, but had never done so, court documents state.

Hall's son and the victim were outside the house when a loud noise rang out.

The victim fell to the ground with a shotgun wound to his face.

People, we know the Chiefs suck. But commiserate by reading your favorite Chiefs blog like everyone else, not shooting others.

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