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Richard Seymour was fined over $15k for this hit on Matt Cassel

Easy decision by the NFL.

Chiefs TV broadcast

Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour was called for roughing the passer against the Chiefs last week and the NFL followed up today by fining him $15,750 for the hit on Matt Cassel.

The penalty and the fine was a no-brainer as Seymour blatantly broke the rules on protecting the quarterback by driving Matt Cassel into the ground after he had released the ball.

The play came with 2:37 remaining in the game. The Raiders were up 26-9. Arrowhead was cleared out. It was basically over.


Cassel has released the ball from his hands. That's Seymour coming up the middle.


Gets his hands on him.


Drives him.


Drives him some more.


Still driving.


To the ground.


Cassel gets up after "writhing" in pain, according to the TV broadcast.


Richard Seymour doesn't seem to care about it.

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