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Chiefs' Matt Cassel: 'We're as frustrated as anybody'

The Chiefs QB says the players want to get this thing fixed ASAP.

Stephen Dunn

Looking back at the KC Chiefs loss to the Chargers on Thursday, Matt Cassel didn't play that bad. Only one interception and one fumble....except both of those went for touchdowns by the Chargers.

So, not an ideal night.

Cassel was the starting quarterback so he did the usual starting quarterback postgame media duties and said the Chiefs are as frustrated as anyone about this.

"There's obvious frustration because we all work very hard to come out and perform on game day and right now the job isn't getting done," Cassel said, via NFLN. "We're as frustrated as anybody. We want to get this thing fixed and moving in the right direction."

The Chiefs don't play against until Monday, Nov. 12, in Pittsburgh. Crennel said previously that Brady Quinn would be the quarterback when he's healthy. He has 10 days to affirm that decision.

"This isn't my decision," Cassel said of the Chiefs starting quarterback. "This is Romeo's decision. Whatever he feels is the best direction of the team, he'll take. I'll be ready, I'll be ready to play in whatever role that is."

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