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Up next for Chiefs: Todd Haley and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Rock bottom may not be here yet.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Remember last year when the Chiefs embarrassed themselves in two straight primetime games while starting Tyler Palko and losing by a combined 44-12?

The same thing could be happening this year! But worse!

For real though. Last year the Chiefs played the Patriots on Monday and then the Steelers on the following Monday night. They lost 34-3 and 13-9 in those two games.

This year the Chiefs played the Chargers on Thursday night, losing 31-13.

Next up: Todd Haley and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're pretty damn good and it's going to be a bad look for the Chiefs if Haley's new team destroys them. A bad look for GM Scott Pioli, mostly.

So for those of you who think the Chiefs have hit rock bottom...think again. Imagine Haley's offense dropping a 40-burger on Romeo and the Chiefs.

Things can get worse. They can always get worse.

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