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Chiefs QB decision coming on Wednesday

Romeo Crennel hasn't decided yet.

Peter Aiken

Earlier this morning I wrote that KC Chiefs QBs Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel are basically the same guy.

It seems Romeo Crennel might agree. At least in Sunday's game.

"I played both quarterbacks yesterday in the game," Crennel said on Monday, "and when you look at the numbers, both of them are about equal as far as that goes. I'll let you know Wednesday which one I'm going to start for the game, and then we'll go from there."

So Wednesday it is. I'm betting it's Brady Quinn and so are a lot of other people, probably even Matt Cassel.

Romeo Crennel said at one point in time that Quinn was going to be the starter and he didn't want him looking over his shoulder. Everyone accepted that moving forward. And then Quinn got hurt.

Now we're back to where we were a month ago.

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