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See how A.J. Green took care of business against the Chiefs

The Bengals receiver is extremely good.

Peter Aiken

In Week 1 the KC Chiefs played the Atlanta Falcons and I noted back then that Julio Jones, the sixth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, was always open. The guy is so good.

As it turns out, the fourth pick in that year's draft, A.J. Green, is pretty damn good, too. Green had six catches for 91 yards in Sunday's game against the Chiefs and by my count was targeted 12 times by quarterback Andy Dalton.

Green would've had more catches if Dalton didn't overthrow him a couple of times. Green lined up on the right side of the field often, which meant he was going against Brandon Flowers, but the Bengals did move him around a little bit.

I went through and watched all of the throws to Green and with the exception of just a couple of passes he could've made almost every play with a better pass. He knows how to create separation, he can run routes well and most importantly he can create after the catch.

He's a lot of fun to watch...except when he's beating the Chiefs.

Every pass from Dalton to Green is below.

First quarter

1. Incomplete. Dalton went deep down the right sideline to Green. Flowers was a step behind Green. A better throw and Green could've caught it.

2. Complete. Green runs a receiver screen on the left side of the field but Tamba Hali recognizes it and hits him before he touches the ground.


3. Incomplete. Another deep pass down the right side of the field with Flowers in coverage.

4. Complete. 4-yard touchdown pass to Green, who was covered by Javier Arenas. He kept his feet in bounds, somehow. Amazing catch.


Second quarter

5. Complete. 40 yard reception by Green and he knew he was going to get drilled by Abe Elam (who was penalized for it) on the play. The ball was thrown perfectly, the one spot where the safety over the top nor the cornerback on Green could touch it.


6. Incomplete. Dalton just overthrew Green, who had a couple of steps on Flowers down the right sideline. Just a bad pass or else that'd be six for the Bengals.

Third quarter

7. Incomplete pass. AJ Green lined up on the right hand side of the field. Flowers was lined up a few yards off of him, farther away than usual. Dalton appeared to audible, looking directly at Green. Receiver screen because Flowers is playing off? As Dalton threw the screen pass to Green, Justin Houston stepped in front of it and knocked it down.

8. Complete. The Bengals love their screen passes. In the screen grab below, Green is on the bottom right. The Bengals tried a screen pass on the previous side of the field the play before. Now Green moved to the left side of the field and did the screen pass again, gaining 21 yards. Look at all the blockers they have there.


9 Complete. Green goes in motion from the left side of the field to the right. Dalton throws him a quick out and he picks up the first down. He's always open.


Fourth quarter

10. Incomplete. Dalton overthrew Green out of bounds down the sideline. Again.

11. Incomplete. Green finally drops one. He's open (of course) but can't keep his hands on the ball with this quick out.


12. Complete. Once again, Green has a couple of steps on Flowers down the field. He's open and makes the catch.


He's too good to be wide, wide open with no one paying attention to him but he's so good that even a half a yard separation means he's open. If Dalton could hit Green on the deep ball a couple of more times, Green would've had over 150 yards receiving.

If I wasn't already asking for a new quarterback for Christmas, I'd be asking for my very own A.J. Green.

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