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Bengals vs. Chiefs: Greetings from Arrowhead Stadium

Today is the Arrowhead "blackout".

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning everyone.

I've settled into my seat in the press box for today's KC Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals game. It's a little cold outside with a breeze that makes it feel like real football weather.

This is the "blackout" game at Arrowhead, where the Save Our Chiefs group is asking fans to wear black to the game to protest the current leadership in the organization. I saw more fans wearing black than I thought I would on the way in here. I don't have a good feel for what percentage of fans will be wearing black but it was noticeable when I drove in.

There are a handful of players on the field warming up right now. The back of the end zones have "Salute To Service" written on them for Military Appreciation Day.

I'm ready for this game to get rolling. Go Chiefs!

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