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This is the flyer 'Save our Chiefs' is handing out

The 'Save our Chiefs' movement is encouraging fans to wear black to Sunday's game against the Bengals.

Save our Chiefs

[Editor's note: The Save Our Chiefs group says they're handing out flyers at today's game for the Arrowhead Blackout they're organizing. Here is a copy of the flyer they say they're handing out.]

Fire Pioli

Facts About Scott Pioli's Time In Kansas City

The Chiefs record under the guidance of Scott Pioli is 22-36 which includes the 30-7 playoff loss to the Ravens in 2010. In fact, this is the worst record for a GM in Chiefs history. Pioli has a winning % of .379 to (2009-2012) Schaaf's .387 (1976-1988).

The Chiefs record under Scott Pioli against winning teams (9-7 or better) is 3-15 including the 2010 playoff loss.

The Chiefs record under Scott Pioli against playoff teams is also 3-15. Two of those wins came against the Packers and the Broncos, both with Kyle Orton under center. Only one came with Cassel and was against the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks.The Chiefs have been blown out by 14 or more points under Scott Pioli 19 times in 58 games. The team he put together gets blown out more often than the Jacksonville Jaguars who have been blown out 18 times within the same time span.

At home, the Chiefs are 3-11 and have been blown out by 17 points or more in 6 of those 11 losses.

Scott Pioli's Chiefs are 0-24 against teams that score more than 24 points against them.

Pioli tied himself to Cassel,'s 32nd ranked QB, but promised there would be competition at QB coming into this season. Instead of any competition Pioli lets Orton walk and brings in Quinn while Cassel remained the unquestioned starter until his injury. Quinn is promoted then immediately injured. Instead of seeing what we have in Stanzi in a lost season, we go back to Cassel.

Blackout Arrowhead on November 18th when the Chiefs play the Bengals

Organizers behind the Save Our Chiefs movement have designated November 18, 2012 against the Cincinnati Bengals as the official Blackout Arrowhead game. Not a blackout in the traditional sense where the game isn't televised but instead one where the fans wear black to the game. Why a Blackout? To send a visual message that Chief fans are tired of broken leadership and subpar performance on the field. Black is a color commonly attributed to "mourning" which is the current state of mind and spirit of the Chiefs fan base.

We who have been loyal for so long deserve better than what we have received. We have endured 19 years with no playoff wins. While the Chiefs did, in fact, win the AFCW "title" in 2010 it came on the back of one of the weakest schedules the Chiefs have played in our lifetime. What good are AFCW titles when we go into the wildcard game to get trounced 30-7 by the Ravens? We have had only onesingle appearance in the AFC championship game since 1970 (1993). Even more sobering is the fact that in 1984 the AFC Championship trophy was named "The Lamar Hunt Trophy" and Lamar's team has not once held that trophy.


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