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How do the Chiefs continue to sell out games?

There's never any talk of a blackout.


Can anyone figure out how the Kansas City Chiefs continue to sell out their games?

The Chiefs have sold enough tickets for Sunday's home game against the Cincinnati Bengals to be aired locally. But if you go to the stadium on Sunday you'll see a ton of open seats.

So what gives?

Are those tickets already sold, and people just aren't showing up? Or are the Chiefs buying up the unsold tickets themselves?

If it's the latter, kudos to the Chiefs for doing that to keep those games on TV. (I'm surprised they're not making it known that they're doing that, if that is indeed what they're doing.)

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Whatever it is, something is going on. Because Arrowhead is not full. Yet it's consistently billed as a sell out, with 60k+ tickets being sold.

There's a new blackout rule this year and as far as I know there's been no indication as to whether the Chiefs are taking advantage of it. The new rule is basically a watered down version of the old blackout rule, allowing teams to lower the threshold for a sell out.

I'm inclined to think the Chiefs are taking advantage of that rule and/or they are purchasing the remaining tickets themselves to keep the game on TV. The crowds at Arrowhead don't match up to the tickets the Chiefs say are sold.

And it wasn't that long ago, that division-winning 2010 season, that the Chiefs needed an extension to sell out a game. It seems odd that in one of the worst Chiefs seasons in recent memory, there's no concern over a blackout. Yet two years ago the Chiefs were on the verge of being blacked out as they were also on the verge of winning the division.

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